Management Online Associate Degree


The management online associate degree is designed for students who have acquired occupational training from community colleges, technical institutes, military service schools, or industry-related schools in business, health or another technical field.

Graduates of the program will:

  • Apply the introductory concepts, basic theories, and fundamental practices in accounting, economics, marketing, and management.
  • Use current technology and computer applications in support of business.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills.

Course Listing (90 Credits)

AC2760     Financial Accounting for Managers

EC2050     Macroeconomics

EC2100     Microeconomics

MG3000     Marketing

MT1050     Introduction to Business

MT2050     Principles of Management

MT3651     Business Management Capstone

If the maximum of 22.5 credits is not met in the specialty core, the difference must be made up by choosing Business/Accounting/CI Electives, which include EC, FN, LA, MG, MT and OL courses.


EN1150     Composition I
EN1300     Composition II

EN2100     Speech OR
EN2150     Interpersonal Professional Communication


SC Science Elective


MA2000     Quantitative Reasoning

Humanities/Behavioral/Social Science

HU2000     Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

General Education

CS1201     Juggling College, Life, and Career: Set Up for Success!  OR
CS1203     Bridge to Success: Creating Your Future at NAU

CS1301     Do the Numbers! Achieving College and Career Success

CS2086     Career Path Planning

Course availability is subject to minimum class size requirements.